What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Refurbished Phone?

Quite simply, there are lots of great reasons to buy a refurbished phone and many advantages over buying a new phone.

1 – Cost

Refurbished phones make fantastic financial sense. The savings over buying new are significant. Take the iPhone 11 for example, a refurbished iPhone 11 is around 25% cheaper than a brand-new model – that’s a saving of nearly £300. On discontinued models such as the iPhone 8, the savings are even greater. A refurbished iPhone 8 will cost something like 70% less than its launch price back in September 2017.

2 – Performance

The performance of a refurbished phone is just as good as a brand-new phone. Just because you are buying second hand doesn’t mean performance is reduced. One exception is the battery, but as long as you purchase your phone from a reputable company, battery health will be guaranteed at over 80% which more than adequate.

3 – Older Phones Are Still Great

Older phones really are still great. In our opinion any iPhone from the iPhone 6S or later is a winner. iPhone performance really moved up a gear with the iPhone 6S – most noticeably because of thumbprint id, a really good processor and a camera that even by todays standards produces great photos. The older phones such as iPhone 6S, 7 and 8 are also more than adequate for most users – why pay for performance if you aren’t going to need it. Many users are simply making calls, sending messages, browsing the web and sending emails. An iPhone 6S can do this with out getting into a sweat, so why buy the latest iPhone when it’s far more expensive and quite frankly overkill for basic tasks.

4 – Refurbished phones are the environmentally sound option

If you buy a refurbished phone, you are giving a mobile phone a second life, maybe even a third life! This means there has been no extra manufacturing effort made and this means no additional raw materials and no mining for the raw materials. This also means a huge reduction in CO2 emissions, less manufacturing waste and less packaging waste too.